Social engineering conceptGrowing your Facebook business page can be an effective tool in customer retention, the acquisition of new clients, and the continual promotion and growth of your business. If you’re looking for ways to grow your Facebook business page audience and market your business with Facebook, consider incorporating these three strategies for expansion:

Be Original
By posting original content in the form of copy, pictures, videos, or updates, you’ll be giving followers and potential followers something unique and interesting. All posts or updates that you publish should be relevant to your business model, contain applicable keywords, promote your products or services, offer valuable information and be attractive and intriguing to followers. Additionally, and this is crucial – be consistent in your posts. Don’t take a week off from posting something and then jump back in the game. Try to do at least 4-5 posts per week, even if it’s just uploading a picture or sharing a great business quote.

Utilize Facebook Ads
Facebook ads are an essential way to grow your audience. By connecting you with more people and reaching a much larger target market, Facebook ads are a relatively easy and efficient way to promote your business and grow the audience of your Facebook business page. Facebook ads can be affordable, effective, and have very little risk.

Facebook allows you to target your ads to the exact people you’d like to connect with depending upon your advertising goal. Targeting options can be based on age, gender, location, interests, connections, or other broad categories, such as “parents” or “homeowners”. You know your business best, and therefore you know exactly whom it is you want to target; Facebook ads can help you get there. Facebook ads are also great as you can establish a per-day budget, allowing you to create ads that don’t break the bank. Set up an overall budget that’s reasonable for you, and Facebook can help you decide how you want to allocate it.

To get the full story on how to set up Facebook ads, go to while you are logged into your account.  

Engage Your Followers
In addition to being original and utilizing Facebook ads, you’ll attract more people than ever by making an effort to engage your followers. You can catch the attention of followers by responding to all customer feedback on your Facebook page, both positive and negative; offering sales or promotions; hosting business contests or competitions; and requesting product and service reviews from customers. Asking engaging questions is another technique.

Your Facebook page should be a place where followers can come for product information, interesting updates or news, and an entertaining forum for ideas and exchanges. By implementing originality and consistency, Facebook ads, and user engagement, you’ll increase your product sales and grow your business.

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