By now, our readers and customers may be aware that our famous 20,000 hour Rough-Service light bulb is the longest lasting incandescent bulb on the market; It also happens to be exempt from the recent incandescent ban. But did you also know that our Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL’S) are the best of their kind? Our patented “Evolution Bulb” is Energy Star approved – making it a smart choice for the planet – and has a unique shape and style that is much more similar to a traditional light bulb. While all other CFL’s on the market look alike (namely, different, non-traditional shapes),ours are truly unique, in that they are more like the light bulbs you are used to, and can be used anywhere. It’s a logical choice!

What else makes them so special? Aero-Tech’s CFL’s last 15,000 hours, versus competitors’ 8,000 hours. They give off a beautiful, natural sunlight glow, enhancing the look of any room. They eliminate the need to sacrifice beauty for efficiency, and are constantly being chosen over other major brands.

How do you know which one to purchase, based on the different lighting scale? Simple: when you used to purchase a traditional 60 watt bulb, now use a 14 watt CFL. For replacing traditional 40 watt bulbs, now choose an 11 watt. Both the 14 watt CFL and the 11 watt CFL are available in standard medium base or small candelabra base. If you choose a 20 watt CFL it is equal to a 75 watt light bulb, and with a 25 watt CFL, you are getting the equivalent of 100 watts, all in a beautiful, 75% energy-saving package.

Whether you want to still use an incandescent to light your space, or you want to switch to a CFL, Aero-Tech has the best, longest lasting bulb for you. It’s always the “Right Shape, Right Size, and Right Fit”!

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