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When you are going to school with others, do you ever think to yourself that So and So might become famous someday?  Well, I always figured that my oldest brother would become rich and famous in the Chicagoland area, and he did! Unfortunately, he died at a rather young age of 57. For me that is young, as I am now in my late 60’s! Maybe some of you might have remembered Tim doing the Chicago Sports for the major networks? He worked for the Chicago Daily News, on the radio and TV for NBC, ABC and then CBS. Here he is below with my middle brother Tony, and myself!

If you look at my featured photo, just below my Title, see if you can spot somebody that was WORLD FAMOUS? Keep looking! Yes, I am in there also, but with not so happy a face. You see the sun was in our eyes. I believe the photographer just wanted to get this school picture over with! By now, I am sure that you noticed him. Yes, he became WORLD FAMOUS. He was so gifted and talented The world lost an incredible human being when he passed away. The weekend before he died, many of us met for our 45 High School reunion. We had much to share, and were amazed at how he could imitate certain accents at such a young age.

My story was rather funny and sad at the same time. We had a math teacher that was NOT liked by many, including me. Therefore, I seemed to make it my duty to give that poor man hell while we were in 7th grade. For some ODD reason, the teacher felt it necessary to put my desk and Robin’s towards the back of the room, seeing as our last names started with a W! I had access to getting pretty close to the teachers desk. While the teacher was up front giving us a lesson on the chalk board, I got a hold of a thumb tack and put it on the teachers chair. When he came back to sit down, OUCH!!! Well, he saw Robin laughing, and me with my head down pretending to be studying a math problem! Robin was totally innocent, but he made us BOTH take our desks out in the hall. Believe it or not, Robin and I were both rather shy kids. We had our quirks, but in all honesty, we were never really boisterous in public.

They have done a few documentaries on Robin Williams. I was contacted by NBC in New York to come out and interview me, with a few of my other classmates. In all honesty, those classmates knew Robin far better than I did. My friend Jes for instance, used to go and visit Robin in Michigan, when he moved there starting his Freshman year of High School. They always kept in touch with him. After Robin became so busy in his career, Jes was still part of his life. What I did learn, is that Robin, loved living in Lake Forest more than anywhere else. He felt a strong connection to the North Shore, and called that his home. He loved coming to Chicago to perform and visit.

You never know what happens to many when they all grow up and become adults. For some, they strive to become Rich and Famous. Others fall out, not willing to compete in society. It becomes harder and harder for them, so they seek immediate comfort with Drugs, and Alcohol. There are some that are Functioning Druggies and Alcoholics. For Robin, he did both. He worked hard and played hard, he did suffer with depression; which is not uncommon with those that are extremely gifted. In the long run, it cost him his life. Wouldn’t we all love to become RICH? There is a price to pay, and the end results may not be what you would expect. My brother also was a Millionaire. He did not have a good ending for his life. He had a few marriages that failed, and his oldest daughter really struggled emotionally when he passed away.

Choices aren’t easy to make, and we oftentimes fail with some of our decisions. Failure in the long run, doesn”t always have to mean DOOM and GLOOM? We can learn from our mistakes to do better the next time. When we have regrets in life, it can be a stumbling block for us, and cause us not to MOVE FORWARD in LIFE! After finishing up my last TMS treatment with the HPR Center in Lombard, I walked away feeling much relief from not having to drive a distance to get help, but also, it made me take notice of what has transpired in my life from my 1st to my 36th treatment. What did I learn, and how do I feel emotionally? Where do I think my life will end up? At the age of 67, I do realize that I haven’t the time of those in their 20’s! I still have some life left in me, and hopefully I can become an example for those that are struggling.

The ULTIMATE for all of us is this biblical scripture that gives us some great suggestions on how to have a POSITIVE LIFE,  POSITIVE THOUGHTS, and to focus on what is important on a day to day basis. Philippians 4:8 I am going to quote from the translation Easy English Bible. “Now my friends, I want to say this to you. Fill your minds with thoughts about good things. Think about things that are true, clean, right and lovely. Always think about things which people know are very good!”  Feel free to compare this verse with other versions. I like using the Amplified!



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