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The truth about goals is that when you’re committed to doing what it takes, you find yourself with fewer choices to make.
Life becomes the pursuit of a single, undeniable passion.

You’re all in. You’re battling for the inches that enable you to move towards where you want to be.

Because you’re committed, there’s no ambivalent about what you’re willing to do and when you’re ready to get started doing it.

You will do anything. And you’re already doing it right now. And you’ll do it tomorrow and the days after that.

It’s not a mystery or magic — it’s desire fueling action.

It is intention directing your activities.

The reason why a lot of motivational seminars, books, and coaching never seems to stick for you or anyone you know is that their focus is on tactics and external processes that “force” you to do certain actions.

Doing better things works in the short term, but it doesn’t work when your dreams get much bigger.

To win you can’t just do better things.

You have to be a better person. A better warrior.

That comes from being in the battle. From waging war. From trying to take new lands and getting pushed back.

From trying and failing, crying and bleeding — you straining against the chains holding you back from what you want most.

And while that seems intense to think about, it’s the urgency that achieving success demands.

You can’t work vigorously to achieve success and still have clean fingernails and no bruises. That’s just not the warrior way. That’s not how success happens.

No one can make you get in the fight.

No one can force you to pick up a sword and spear and challenge the darkness standing in your way.

No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. But if you want to fight — if you want to win — then lay it all on the line.

Be vulnerable enough to hold nothing back in your pursuit of lofty dreams and zealous ambition.

Warriors wage war. That’s what it takes to conqueror new territory. You can’t negotiate, plead, bargain, or compromise your way to success.

You have to fight. With everything in your being.

Fight on.

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