There is no greatness without pain and struggle.

Change demands friction and adjustment. Both of which are uncomfortable.

The hard truth about accomplishing big things is that it is going to cost you more then you ever expect.

You think you’re ready to play the game. You think you know the risk involved.

But somehow, no matter how much you have planned and prepared, you find yourself breathless — reeling at the personal investment demand.

You have probably told someone when speaking about a goal or change that you want to see for yourself, that you’re “willing to do whatever it takes in order to be successful.”

Remember that moment.

“Whatever it takes” is always a little bit more than you expect.

That’s not a reason to give up or back down from accomplishing big things.

It’s just a reminder that if you’ve already started, you might as well finish.

You’ve already gone this far. It makes no sense to give up now. You’ve endured and battled your way to where you are now.

Keep going. Keep working. Keep fighting.

Get back up on your feet and keep driving towards where you want to be.

There is no greatness without struggle and pain. Persist.

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