Fred McMurray, Fred MacMurrayWhat are your dreams for a better LinkedIn ? I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. LinkedIn has been an interesting journey for me these past couple of social-media-plugins-300x177months; I have acquired contracts from the EU, referrals from a multi-national aerospace company, been requested to join an elite vendor program and been asked to publish on LinkedIn. In each case the words that came back to me were: “We see you on our dashboard.” and “We continue to read your posts because they bring value to our professional lives.”

Everything that has happened over the past 60 days has truly given me a deep appreciation for the power of referrals, social media, collaboration, and LinkedIn. It has also got me thinking not just about my personal future, however it has also pushed me further into thinking… “What does my LinkedIn Dream look like ?”

And… For those who, when they are tired and just want to throw in the towel and think that social media is just a waste of time, think again. Enjoy the power of social media networking and referrals it truly is a rich source for new connections and new business. Thanks LinkedIn for proving to me once again, how truly powerful social media can be.

What does your Dream LinkedIn look like ?

Fred McMurray – CEO Linked Local Network

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Linked Local Network only comment: Fred MacMurray was one of the wealthiest men in Hollywood but he would still brown bag it for lunch.

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