You’ll never be successful if you don’t finish what you start. 

Completing a task is an art all by itself. 

Many people make the mistake of confusing “finishing a task” with the idiot stubbornness to keep doing something the same way and hoping that it magically works itself out. 

Those people aren’t successful. Usually. 

Completing, finishing, doing what it takes — those are ways of describing the flexibility you will need to realize a breakthrough in your life. 

Finishing a task doesn’t mean you keep doing the same thing and hope that it works out. 

Finishing requires that you’re introspective enough to notice what works best and then stay disciplined to continue the process of measuring and improving until your results line up with your vision. 

Completing any assignment demands obstinence. And massive amounts of flexibility. 

How you achieve anything will change over time. 

You’re going to learn new things. Over time you’re going to have more resources to apply to those new things you have learned. Your circumstances are going to change.

To be successful you’re going to have to change.

Change how you think. Change how you operate. Change the metrics you use to define success.

When you think about getting something done, think less about how you’re going to do it and more about why it matters to you.

That makes finishing what you start a foregone conclusion.

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