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Is purpose a burning question for you currently? Are you seeking to go beyond the surface and live from the depth of your Soul?

“You were born with everything you need to create the life of your dreams and live your soul’s purpose.” Says Shellie Nelson, our guest on this week’s episode of the On Purpose show. “Unfortunately, far too many of us have accepted programming, adopted beliefs, and embraced limitations that undermine what we’re really here for. This makes your life a struggle and sucks the joy out of your days.”

Shellie Nelson is highly intuitive and has been seeing energy and ghosts her whole life.  She has the ability to see the soul of a person. It is her desire to help people bring the greatness of their soul into their human awareness and physical life.

Listen in to hear Shellie share her own story, and learn about how she uses her unique intuitive abilities to assist others give to their life a spiritual make-over and really show up in life as the Soul they truly are –  living their soul’s purpose.

Join us on Thursday May 23rd at 10:00am pacific time on the Linked Local Network.

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