You’ve got to be tough if you’re going to win.

There are no two ways about it. Tough times and hard decisions demand mental toughness. And emotional and financial toughness.

The space in between getting started and crossing the finish line is full of challenges and unexpected setbacks.

The line between “not working” and “not working yet” can get blurry and frustratingly confusing.

That wears on you.

Put butterflies in your stomach.

If you knew that what you were doing was the right thing you would have no problem investing more time and money and emotion in the cause.

Without toughness, you’ll struggle to invest in yourself, even when no one else is willing to take that bet alongside you.

You’ll flail and flounder as the winds of apparent progress shift.

What you’re lacking is toughness.

Not belligerence. Or the handicraft of being a bully.

You develop toughness over time. Part skill. Part experience. It is the result of deliberate and focused stress.

You putting yourself in situations where you have to flex and grow and expand what you believe is possible.

Like a fighter training for a prize match, you’re going to have to get in the ring with somebody who’s there to spar with you.

Beat you about the head and shoulders.

It hurts while you’re developing toughness. But it is what makes you a winner when the contest is on the line.

So don’t shy away from the hard things that make you better. Put yourself in situations where you develop more toughness.

Learn something new each day. Work on new skills each day. Compete against people who are better and faster and smarter than you each day.

Do things that make you awesome.

Tough it out when you feel like nothing is working.

When you avoid being uncomfortable, you lose out on developing the toughness that will make you a winner.

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