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I have a confession to make.

I’m known around the world as the guy you call when you need to fix scary business problems.

And that’s cool. I love what I do and have spent many years working on my craft.

But frankly, the reason I’m successful helping leaders isn’t because of how smart I am or my experience. It’s because I use “EDGY” as my framework — my road map.

In the process of writing my book and researching over 1000 ordinary people who achieve outrageous success, I got a clear picture of the attitudes and philosophies that govern high performance.

Everyday when I sit down to blog here, I often think about what’s going on in my own life —  my struggles and fears and the issues that seem to be overwhelming at the time.

And then I write to myself. I’m attempting to solve my own problem by sharing the conversation publicly.

At the same time, we’ve put together motivational videos. Ones I would enjoy watching when I need a bit of inspiration.

We have posters to print out and put on the wall. There are workbooks, free monthly calendars, and notepads of awesomeness. There is even a super secret, awesome line of FCK.YOU t-shirts to help you remember your job is to be a badass.

Last year I committed to shooting 10 TV-quality episodes on YouTube. After a little more than 1 million views, I decided to pull the plug. I didn’t feel like I had the right formula to share with you the experience I’ve been imagining for some time now.

Something raw, but professional. Candid, but timely insights.

Many of the projects we work on here in The EDGY Empire never make it out to the public. We build them, review them, and decide to release them only if they meet our standard for awesomeness.

We’ve spent the past 10 months crafting a podcast called Ordinary Heroes.

We almost pulled the plug (multiple times) because it wasn’t awesome enough.

We interviewed over 30 people living what looked like ordinary lives — but when we dug deep, we saw the hidden heroism embedded within.

See, when we talk about heroes, we think of Batman, or Superman, or people like Odysseus or the 300 Spartans.

We imagine “heroes” as these superhumans on an epic, world-saving quest.

The stories of these heroes we tell ourselves (and each other) always follow a similar theme: the hero leaves, goes through some sort of initiation ritual, and then returns triumphantly.

But heroism is often a simple journey to save ourselves. In reality, the story is rarely over. There’s almost never a return, a final ending.

In reality, we’re constantly having to save ourselves from the pit of hurt, pain, and despair we face day in and day out.

Which is a challenge — how do we tell stories that don’t have endings?

These were the stories I chronicled in EDGY Conversations. These are the stories we’re telling on our new podcast.

By the way — you can grab Ordinary Heroes via iTunes, Google Play, StitcherPocket Casts, or however you listen to podcasts using RSS)

It’s a mix of heroic stories — and inspiration for you to write your own story of epic heroism.

Even if that looks like just getting out of bed in the morning.

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Other than that, all rights are reserved to you to change your life. If you are ready to be amazing, now is the time to get started. Onward…

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