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As you are already aware, strong and compelling content that you share in your social media networks is what will drive up the engagement, help grow your tribe and increase your presence. It is recommended to share a mix between helpful tips, blog posts, compelling images, videos and links. However what people really love are pic quotes. After sharing some powerful pic quotes over the last few days, my engagement levels have increased alone from that. In fact it shows based on my current Klout score. It is rounded to 80 now, and went up 0.18 points overnight which is quite a bit for a score at this level.

2014 06 05 1343 Why Pic Quotes are Important to Use in Social Media

Trust me, I am not intending to boast in anyway. I am just showing you that my level of engagement went up quite a bit and the increase in the score indicates that. However, it is not usually the links to any informative blog post of mine or someone else’s that triggers that level of engagement. Sometimes even videos don’t necessarily do the same. My thoughts on that is that when people are checking up on their Facebook feeds, they are not in the mindset to take the time to watch a video (even if it is short) and/or read an article. They will usually bookmark it and save it for later. However, many people do love quotes in text and at the same time, they are also quite visual. They are easily receptive to images. When you mix quotes and images, you will get pic quotes like the following.

2119 245x300 Why Pic Quotes are Important to Use in Social Media

2089 238x300 Why Pic Quotes are Important to Use in Social Media

18 204x300 Why Pic Quotes are Important to Use in Social Media

The truth is many people love pic quotes and are usually eager to engage with them because many times they can relate to them. In fact a lot of people welcome being tagged by others in their networks if pic quotes are involved. They are happy to have something inspiring or something they relate to sent to their walls. Then what happens is, others in their networks see the pic quotes that you had shared and end up becoming new members of your growing tribe!

What you also can do is create your own pic quotes or memes and a great meme generator is Here is a video tutorial on how to do that (however I don’t recommend using the generator that is used in the video, this was created before I discovered Meme Dad!


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