ID 100142898 300x211 Why Social Media Branding is Necessary for Your Business


Social media may be a relatively new phenomenon but it is gaining importance in the world of modern marketing. An increasing number of marketing managers are depending on social media to secure a prominent place in the world of cyberspace. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have become very important factors that determine the cyber presence of a business. All of these instruments of modern social media have hundreds of millions of members and a business that does not have a social profile on any of these is indeed missing a lot. There are also other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and Reddit that offer strategic importance to businesses by ensuring a strong web presence.

There are a few reasons why social media branding is necessary. When a business has a strong social media presence, it is very easy to maintain a good reputation and also showcase one’s business. It becomes possible to create brand awareness, build relationships and drive new sales. Constantly updating the business prospects by taking into account the social happenings the business will assume the status of an authority. Another reason is that it has been recently observed that people tend to buy products from a company that has a Facebook page than a company that does not have one. This shows that people have a tendency to enter into dealings with a business that proactively builds a lively cyber community. Customers will develop a community around a product or a business when it has a social media presence.

Customers also will develop trust in a company if it has a social media presence. By closely communicating with a company a customer will begin to view the business as a trusted source of information and will treat it as one. It can also help create company awareness and brand credibility. It is definitely a boon for businesses because a negative opinion can be very effectively turned into a positive one without much effort on the part of the company. When you get instant feedback to your customers, you will be able to take steps to improve your sales. Despite it being the cyber world or the real world, the main rule remains that customer satisfaction is the main thing that results in retention of the customer and as a business you can do it on social media.

A very important advantage of social media branding is that it is cost effective. A simple reply to a customer’s query on social media will be seen by millions. This can have a very profound impact on the popularity of the business. A simple tweet on twitter may cost only a few cents but it may have the impact of a huge hoarding that costs thousands of dollars. Social media branding is definitely a very effective method of reaching one’s customers. It offers big and small businesses an opportunity to engage with the customer and communicate with him/her on a daily basis. Of course the truth remains that a mere presence needs to be supplemented by a constant effort by the business to stay in touch with its customers.

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