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If you can solve a complex problem with easy answers, then do that. If you can make a lifetime of bad choices disappear by pushing a button, that’s the wise choice.

The hard truth is that achieving turn-around in your life is a little more difficult than pushing a button, yanking a lever, or wishing it to be so.

You can’t just wish your way to better outcomes.

You can’t just execute a series of micro-tweaks and hope that your problem is solved.

Success demands extreme behavior.

There’s no way around that.

It doesn’t matter how you feel or what your personal opinion might be, you have to be extreme if you’re going to achieve success.

And not just a big success. Even small successes, the things that you would expect to be easy and simple and ordinary — they require a massive commitment as well.

That might seem absurd to you. Almost unbelievable.

But put it into context with what you want to achieve.

That’s pretty big, isn’t it? Your big goal isn’t easy or automatic or even something that other people think is likely.

That awesome goal you have requires an awesome amount of effort. It requires an awesome amount of focus.

That’s the essence of extreme behavior.

It’s not you being radical simply for the sake of being radical. It’s you believing in your soul that nothing is more important to you than achieving success. And then letting that feeling of obsession push you to do whatever it takes.

That attitude of desperation mixed with effort is exactly what extreme behavior is all about.

A powerful focus of your obsession. It’s an attitude. It’s a religion. It’s a belief.

It’s a reason to get up in the morning. And a reason to do the hard things — even after you’ve spent years already doing hard things.

Quit chasing easy ideas and quick fixes. You’re losing momentum.

You could already be a lot closer to your goal if you simply committed yourself to doing whatever it takes.

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