The fact of the matter is that text status updates are boring. Even if what you are saying is important and/or interesting, let’s face it. They are not catchy. They never will be and never have been catchy. Why? Because there is nothing else to look at! Not compared to an image quote or meme.

What is the Big Deal About a Meme?

Miriam Slozberg

Look at the meme I had shared. I had put my daughter’s shirt on my dog, just to get a cute picture! I may have gotten some reaction of the picture alone of my dog in the shirt, with the text. However, the meme makes it funnier, and more engaging. People are visual by nature, and this is one of the key reasons Instagram has been doing extremely well.

However, some memes are going to be less interesting and less engaging than others. You can do an image search for different memes on Google, and find the same images but with different texts. If the same image is used over and over again by multiple users, regardless of text- it won’t be as cool and will more or less be ignored. You need to be creative when it comes to memes- in regards to both, text and image.

Think about this as well. If you have a catchy meme of your own that is watermarked with your name and/or company, Instagram or Twitter handle, etc- and the meme gets shared around by multiple users, do you realize what that could potentially do for you and your business?

I am not recommending to only share memes. Sharing some texts and other images are fine. Be sure to mix it up, and make it engaging and interesting. Remember that too much of a good thing isn’t always so good either. However, be sure to share at least one meme a day.

By the way, there are many free meme generators out there that unfortunately make the meme you create appear cheap. Even if you do upload your own image. I just thought I would throw this out there, because I can create good quality memes for you! I will use the image and text of your choice, and wartermark it for you for a super low price. Check out what I offer here.

Whatever you decide, just be sure to incorporate at least one good quality and super creative meme a day!

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