The cost of freedom is fear.

The cost of progress is pain.

The cost of innovation is ridicule.

The cost of believing is loneliness.

The cost of trying is failure.

The cost of friendship is status.

The cost of trust is abuse.

Greatness demands grit.

You can’t change your life or improve your financial position without physical and emotional discomfort.

It’s going to cost you something to achieve breakthrough.

The free or easy option you’re looking for is just a slow-release poison that will rob you of everything magical and wonderful you’ve been wanting for yourself.

The things in life that don’t cost you anything don’t mean anything to you.

They aren’t valuable. They’re just a distraction.

Don’t let those distractions waste the precious time and resources you have to pursue your greatness.

Invest generously in your dreams. Believe that your goals are possible.

Know that the cost you’re paying right now is a small price to pay for the wonder you expect down the road.

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