I’ve lost my interesting in writing, just writing.  Each day I continue to do good but just not write about it.  It takes a huge amount of time for me to write a post as I am compelled to write, re-write, search for pictures (which I had been told increases readership), check spelling, grammar, etc.  Judging by the comments, my blogs are only seen by fakes seeking to get publicity.  The comments are uniformly generic never relating to the topic that I poured my heart out on.  And, the majority of the comments are written very poorly that they make little sense.  Occasionally a comment appears nice but then the link to their site reveals their true nature which is not appropriate.

So, rather than struggle with a self imposed obligation, I succumb to my nature.  I have a history of being quite zealous about a project only to have the interest fade later.  I can force myself to follow through and doing so does not negatively impact the results.  However, I have come to the conclusion than my blog does not matter to anyone else.  I am not a talented writer that brings people back.  Blogging has been many things.  It has been fun, it has been somewhat rewarding but overall has not been the best use of my time.  Since stepping back from blogging I have been much more productive.  I’m doing things!

This blog is a bit whiney.  It’s even defensive.  So what?  It’s not like any real people are reading it.  If you are, please comment.  It would be nice if I were wrong.

I’m not completely giving up on blogging.  I do have some things to say and as I’ve secured this site for two years (one year remaining), I will use this platform.  After that though, I can’t justify paying for something that does not reach real people.  Instead of paying for a site, I could donate that money to a worthy cause.

You never know how things will go until you try it.  I’m glad I gave this a try.  It’s bitter sweet to try and learn and accept.

Point of fact, I’ve just spent 30 minutes writing this and I have not done any editing.  This is just rambling a stream of thought and sort of a therapy.

Onward with my day.  I’m off to do things that I am good at, learn new things and continue to make a difference when and where I can.

Until my next random blog,

All the Best


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