When is the last time you were moved deeply in your soul?

What is it that you feel so strongly about that it brings you to tears?

It’s nice to pretend that you’re a “tough guy (or girl)” and that nothing bothers you.

If you don’t care enough to cry about something, you’re not tough enough to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t earn any bonus points in life running around, sobbing in everyone else’s ear about how much you care.

Those tears are usually petty and immature. That emotion is superficial and fake.

At your core, there are things you really care about.

There are next steps in your life that you want desperately for yourself. That job that you’ve been putting so much time into finding. That friendship you’ve been trying to build.

You’ve been working so hard to make more money and get out of debt. That dream you have for a business of your own. Financial independence, the ability to travel the world whenever you want, escape from ridiculous amounts of stress.

You have been working so hard. Sometimes you find yourself with a lump in your throat.

You just want it. Bad. You’re tired of failing. You’re tired of being broke. You’re tired of getting knocked down.

You just want success. You can feel it. You can almost touch it. It’s inches away.

Or maybe you’ve never cared enough about anything in your life.

Maybe you are one of those people who go their entire existence without feeling deeply. You just meander and drift. You want to have fun.

You don’t dream too big or try too hard. You’re good at going through the motions when no one else seems to notice.

If you get asked what you want, you’re quick with an “I’m all good.” But inside you’re not all good.

You’re just trying to protect yourself from feeling something. From caring deeply about your future.

You don’t want to cry. You think that it makes you weak.

You think that caring makes you more vulnerable. More perceptible to failure.

In truth, it hurts to care.

It’s risky to feel something so deep in your core that it consumes every part of you.

It’s embarrassing to cry because you just failed another time. But it’s better to feel something and try something and work at something and move towards something — than it is to play it safe.

What is it that you feel?

Don’t be ashamed because you are moved. Don’t be embarrassed because you care.

You’re not weird because you are emotional. You’re about ready to get to where you want to be.

Part hustle. All passion. You’re unstoppable when you combine a clear vision with a heart that is on fire for progress.

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