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You should be a little angrier than you are right now. Think about it — you’ve tried and tried and tried and still aren’t where you want to be.

Sure, some of what you said you wanted to do has come though for you, but there’s a bunch of other stuff you still haven’t been able to pull off yet.

You haven’t achieved the level of success that you want to achieve.

Think about all the times you’ve tried and failed and tried again. Isn’t it about time but you didn’t have to fail anymore?

Isn’t it your time to stand on the podium and receive your metal. To take first prize. To be the one getting noticed. And rewarded.

It’s time for you to get fed up. To get angry. To get inspired to change things.

It’s natural to get defensive what people push back at you.

It’s easy to make excuses about how “things are taking a little bit longer” or that “you are trying as hard as you can”.

Stop pretending like you are where you want to be when you’re just trying valiantly to get started heading in the right direction.

Sometimes a little healthy rage is all the extra motivation that you need. Sometimes you need to let your experiences from the battlefront motivate you around the obstacles standing in your way .

The truth is that life will beat you down unless you have a plan to rise back up.

The enemy will get inside your head and make you think the worst about yourself, your dreams, and the conquest ahead.

If you’re not careful, you’ll give in too soon, give up too fast, and stop starting when it matters most.

And that’s a shame. Because after all you’ve been through — after all you’ve endured up to this point —  you would think that life would start becoming a little bit of a downhill slope.

Face it — you’re not the one who is going to catch a break.

And that’s not a reason to get down in the dumps. That is a reason to get angry. And motivated.

It’s a reminder that most of the time, all you have is what’s in your head and your heart and your hands. If it’s going to be, it is because you rise up and carve from miserable circumstances the destiny you demand for yourself.

So get fed up. Then go do something about it.

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