Success won’t come easily. And not because you’re not smart enough or strong enough. Not because you don’t want it bad enough.

Success hurts because you hurt.

You’re flawed. For every massive strength, you have an equally magnificent weakness. A flaw so all-consuming that at times it can seem completely debilitating.

It takes over your performance, swallowing up anything good or positive in its way.

It might be an addiction. An overdeveloped vice. The people closest to you. Emotions you struggle to control.

But that struggle you go through is what makes you better.

That feeling of frustration and fear that consumes you is what forces you to be creative.

It is the fire that lights your soul and reminds you of why getting to your destination is so important.

It’s your cross to bear. It is what keeps you humble. And focused.

You think you would be better off without it, but it’s quietly the source of your superpower.

You can’t define greatness without experiencing weakness.

You won’t ever be able to feel powerful until you know what it means to be out of control.

Knowing this won’t make you feel any better about your situation.

You will still struggle. And you will hate every uncomfortable minute of it.

But looking back at your success you will see that the root of your breakthrough came from the cross you have to bear.

Not the happy moments. Not the times you cross the finish line.

You got that chip on your shoulder from the cross you’ve been carrying.

Push on. Press forward. Believe that this momentary time of struggle is the beginning of something so much better.

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