It doesn’t need to be true. You just need to believe it.

That’s when everything changes. Because belief is a drug.

It changes how you think, how your body behaves, your energy, how you feel, what you see, and every other part of your existence.

Your belief is a pain reliever. And a hallucinogen.

What you believe becomes your future.

It might seem crazy to everyone else around you, but it’s very real to you.

What you believe to be true is possible. So is the opposite. If you don’t think something is possible, no one can convince you otherwise.

That’s the power of belief.

What you believe, happens. It’s not just a matter of coincidence. It’s a matter of will.

Your belief is what forces you to create that reality.

It’s the drug that gives you creativity and strength.

It creates a new perception of reality that motivates and inspires you. 

You are right now what you have believed in the past. You will become what you believe right now.

You can’t help it. You have to believe something. Here are a few beliefs worth being addicted to:

  1. I already have all I need to be successful.
  2. My intentions have an effect on my reality.
  3. The hard times are temporary.
  4. I am constantly getting better because I never stop learning.
  5. Failure can be good some times.
  6. My past does not automatically determine my future.
  7. I can change anytime I want.
  8. Hard work and resilience are rewarded.
  9. I can use any situation to get closer to where I need to be.
  10. My positive thoughts make me powerful.
  11. I don’t anyone else’s approval or permission to be awesome.
  12. Tomorrow will be better than today.
  13. There are plenty of opportunities for me to achieve success.
  14. I don’t have it any worse than everyone else around me.
  15. I shouldn’t take everything personally.
  16. Being bitter won’t improve my current circumstances.
  17. I am in control of my life.
  18. Achieving success is simply a matter of choice.
  19. Anyone can be successful if they work hard enough.
  20. I can do whatever I set my mind to do.
  21. No matter how bad things get, I can always turn them around.
  22. Worry is a decision. A bad one.
  23. I value my time and energy.
  24. Other people respect me because of what I bring to the game.
  25. Feeling bad motivates me to change things.
  26. I decide how I think and act. In every situation.
  27. Success comes to those who pursue their passion relentlessly
  28. Today is that second chance I have been asking for.

What you believe drugs you. Fuels you. Empowers you. It determines your future.

That’s because your belief is a drug.

It’s controlling you right now. Deciding whether your future is full of promise and hope. Or whether you languish in self-pity or misery.

Your beliefs are the most powerful weapon you have.

What do you believe?

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