klout thumb 300x300 Your Klout Score is Checked More Often Than you May Realize

I have always believed in Klout, even though the score may not be 100% perfect. The reason that I have always seen the potential in the Klout score is because it is being looked at more than you may think and it will be only happening more and more later on.

I have written a lot of material on Klout in that past such as ebooks, blog posts and other articles. I have been a guest on many podcasts talking about it as well. If you are not aware of what Klout is, then I suggest you stop reading this article and go to this blog post that gives you the full scoop on Klout. If you are well aware of Klout, whether you believe in it or not, then keep reading. I had actually written this post up almost a month ago, and at that time I had discovered someone else had written something similar and had used a similar idea that I had for this post (not the best timing!). So I decided to wait and keep it in a draft until some time had elapsed (did not want to appear to be a copycat). However, after my podcast with Digital Marketer and Coach Susan Gibert from yesterday, as we were discussing Klout- I wanted to get this out today! So perhaps the timing in fact turned out to be good for this to go out now due to that! The fact of the matter is, even though more and more information about the importance of the score is out there- apparently there is still a lot of confusion about it.

I do however want to stress that the score alone is not the end all when it comes to your social media online presence. Unfortunately there are many people out there who attempt to game up high Klout scores just to inflate their egos by putting out irrelevant content on their networks, and basically buying engagement on it. Like I said, Klout is getting better when it comes to detecting blatant gaming like this, however it is still not perfect and has a long way to go. That is not a reason to have a high Klout score.

What is the Point of Having a High Klout Score?

If you are  a business owner or even employee in the marketing, coaching and speaking fields (and most are in all three together)- you are expected to have a strong and positive social media presence, and to be influential in your field. If you are constantly sharing content, and receiving plenty of interaction with it, your Klout score will be high. That is not hard to do. However, you don’t want to just share random and meaningless content to only game your score up. You want to share good quality content that is mostly niche related (it does not all have to be, in fact it is encouraged to go off topic at times just to show those in your network that you are real) and to be interacting with those who are interacting with what you share. Just realize that the one thing that brings attention to you is your score. Then once your score is noticed, your content will be looked at which will be the very thing that will make you or break you. This is why it is crucial to share anything that is high quality on your networks while you increase your score.

Who is Looking at your Score?

Now I just want to stress that if you own a plumbing, electric or some local business, no one will care about your Klout score (unless you have a side coaching or speaking business) and you don’t need to worry either- however that could change later on. You would be more concerned about still having a social presence for reputation purposes since social media is vital for all businesses in this day and age. However if you are in any marketing related business, and that also includes coaching and speaking- your score will matter because it will be checked out. Here are a few reasons that you will need to create a strong presence which will in the end build up your Klout.

1. If you are in any marketing related field and looking for a well paying job, employers in this field will be taking the Klout score very seriously. Now, you still need to have experience behind your back, as well as some kind of post secondary education. There have been incidents where applicants were rejected because their scores were too low even though they had experience behind them. Does it sound cruel and silly? Unfortunately it is reality now.

2. If you run an online marketing company, many potential clients will look at your score before hiring you. This has happened to me and many others in this field. Just know that if you have a competitor that has a higher score than you, that potential client that you thought you were going to land, may go to him or her instead.

3. Entrepreneurs in these fields will be frequently invited to guest blog on high ranking blogs that receive a lot of traffic. Many times invitations like this have been sent out because of being impressed with the users Klout score.

4. Many speaking engagement invites will come your way if a strong social media presence is found.

5. You may be entitled to free upgrades, discounts and other great perks which is just a bonus.

6. Better customer service, which is another bonus. Read about my experience with that here.

I would like to also take this opportunity and show off truly influential individuals who are marketers, speakers and/or coaches. Keep in mind most listed here fall into all of those fields, however I have added the individual to the category that fits him or her the most.

Marketers defined here are owners of marketing companies and/or social media or SEO consultants (I have decided to lump other business owners in here as well). Coaches can be anything ranged from business to spiritual to life coaching. Speakers are usually marketers and/or coaches however, some do more public speaking than others. Those who are known to be speakers are in the corresponding category. If you are in this list and want to be put in another category please let me know.

I have included these influential entrepreneurs who have score of 60 and over. About 5% of users have scores of over 60 (technically 63 and above is considered elite, however I will give a bit of leeway). If you are not on this list, feel free to contact me if your score is over 60 and I will add you.




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