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Mediocre people do mediocre things.

Normal people, looking for normal results, do normal things.

If you want to be extraordinary, then you have to do extreme things.

You won’t find breakthrough looking in the middle of your challenge. It’s at the edges.

That’s where the critics point when they want to make fun of somebody.

It’s the place where you’re afraid you might fall off, where it’s likely you’re going to get hurt.

But it is the fastest path to a breakthrough. It’s that shortcut you’ve been looking for all along.

The hard thing. The lonely thing. The absurd thing. That thing they tell you “will never work.”

When you’ve tried and failed so many other times before.

You’re going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Your feelings are going to get hurt.

You’re going to have to spend more time and money than you planned.

In the end though, you’re going to find that one thing you’ve been looking for. Success.

No matter what you label it, call it, or imagine it to be. Success is on the other side of breakthrough — just on the outer edge of crazy.

So stop expecting easy efforts to result in tremendous results. Stop expecting ordinary measures to produce extraordinary outcomes.

If your idea for change doesn’t scare you, it’s probably not crazy enough to get the results you want.

Push yourself a little bit more.

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