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To those of you who foolishly keep submitting spam, know that there are tools in place to block you.  Your totally unrelated, self promoting posts will not be seen.  How sad that you are so desperate to make a sale that you try to add posts to a site about volunteering and charities.

To those disguised as someone being helpful by offering ways to increase traffic on this site, soliciting on a blog is not the correct way to make contact.  To be blunt, I would not have faith in anyone who isn’t intelligent enough to send information properly.

Repeated attempts from the same source may yield unpleasant, negative results.  This is in no way a threat.  This merely points out the obvious fact that you are responsible for your actions.  Granted, many of these are generated by software programs but there is a source so far from untraceable.  I  have a strong sense of right and wrong as well as a stubborn streak.  Combine that with zero tolerance and you get the picture.

Moving on to more pleasant things.


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