Most of the time, good ideas go stale simply because of a lack of energy.

Smart people with experience just stop finding a reason to keep putting in the effort.

That happens to all of us one time or another.

You start out with good intentions and plenty of resolve, but get knocked around and quickly find yourself drained of inspiration and energy.

Inspiration isn’t an accident. It’s a process.

Sustaining your energy and finding inspiration are a result of a focused effort by you to selectively cling to a powerful routine that feeds your soul, nurtures your body, stimulates your mind, and ignites your will.

There is always enough time in the day to accomplish what needs to get done.

Time isn’t the challenge. Your energy is. You give up too soon.

You stop looking for answers too soon.

You make excuses to soon. The only way to change that is to change your energy.

Here are a few proven ways to do that.

  1. Drink more water. — Almost 75% of business people live chronically dehydrated. You can’t think straight or stay awake for long without being adequately hydrated. Start each day with several large cups of water. Keep it up throughout the day.
  2. Start each morning with a goal for the day. — Write down one thing you can accomplish that will make the day awesome. Make sure you get that one thing done, no matter what. Imagine if you do that every day.
  3. Get up a little bit earlier. — Use that little bit of extra time to slow down, eat right, and think through what really matters for the day. You’ll act better, feel better, and do better when you’re not running late right from the beginning of the day.
  4. Cut back on eating carbs. — You lose valuable hours of daily productivity feeling sleepy and slow after you eat meals unnecessarily rich in carbohydrates and sugars. Cut back on sweet things to gain momentum throughout the day. Eat green.
  5. Set aside 10 minutes mid day to meditate. — Find a quiet spot where you can shut your eyes and slowly think about how you feel, how the day is going, or just nothing at all. It gives your brain a chance to reboot and be more creative.
  6. Be more candid in your conversations. — You can spend a lot of unnecessary emotional energy hinting at what needs to be said when direct language would solve things quickly. Be clear. Demand accountability. Move on to something else.
  7. Develop cool hobbies and interesting distractions. — No matter how tired you already are, jumping into an activity that you enjoy always rejuvenates your soul. Find time for things that inspire you, no matter how silly they might seem.
  8. Be physically active. — Whether it’s running or CrossFit, lifting weights or taking a walk during your lunch break — physical activity is the key to recharging your body and staying healthy despite stress. Try standing at your desk too.
  9. Surround yourself with people who are positive and energetic. — Passion is contagious. Surround yourself with inspired coaches, mentors, and friends who are unashamed to run full speed after the things that deeply inspire them.
  10. Recap your day by journaling. — Take a few minutes before you go to bed to write down one thing you could have improved to make the day better. Over time, you’ll see yourself developing new life skills and being more successful.
  11. Read nonfiction books about other people’s struggles. — Nothing is more inspiring than to read about the struggles other people have gone through on their journey to success. It puts your battle into context and reminds you that the stress you’re feeling is normal.

There isn’t any secret formula to staying inspired. It is a pursuit. A struggle.

A carefully protected conquest.

One thing is for sure: You won’t go far if you don’t make a focused effort to stay inspired and energetic. It’s just that simple.

The path to success demands all you have and then some “more”.

Build that “more”. Nurture that “more”. Protect that “more”.

Be awesome. One day at a time.

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