1. Just “trying things” is a huge waste of your money and time. — Every idea/company is different. Just because an idea worked for someone else doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Trying things without a strategy is a waste of time and money.
  2. Quick deals now aren’t as epic as huge deals later — Even though you’re busy right now make sure you take time to execute big picture steps. Survival mode can’t be your entire strategy.
  3. Any plan takes 3x as long and generates 1/10 the revenue — Don’t listen to your buddies. There are no easy deals or quick projects. Big success demands massive amounts of focus and time.
  4. Measure what matters and ignore everything else — Website visits and social media are usually a waste of time. Quality deal making, industry awareness, and lead generation are most often things that lead to epic success.
  5. Doing everything means doing nothing — Focus on doing one thing really, really well instead of trying to do everything at the same time. It’s easier to penetrate the marketplace that way and reduces the risk you create by competing against yourself.
  6. Problems don’t go away because you ignore them — Don’t stick your head in the sand. Understand how quality, marketing and overall business strategy impact the culture you’re trying to dominate.
  7. Creating influence isn’t an accident — Spend time honing the message others hear and see from you. Know how your brand translate. You can create any perception you want. But you can’t keep changing it — and be successful.
  8. Consistency is better than brilliance — Good ideas don’t work if they are not reinforced by a tactical resilience backed up smart tools and a process driven operation. Everyone needs to know what everyone else is doing.
  9. You saying it isn’t the same as them hearing it — Effective brands over-communicate with their audience. They don’t just expect people to “get it”, they create a running dialogue that helps people “get it”.
  10. Make sure you want to play ball where the game is being played — Not every idea is a good fit. Know what you’re getting yourself into before you begin to spend money. Do your research (i.e. spend money on that) before you launch.
  11. Don’t assume things are the same or will stay the same — Don’t assume that if it worked before that, it will work again. Spend time staying on top of new ideas. Take advantage of chaos.
  12. Make sure someone is doing the boring work — Spend time going through legal, operational, and administrative parts of your strategy to make sure that nothing is slipping through the cracks. Small fails can quickly lead to an epic disaster.
  13. Leverage + Scale = Growth — Take the one thing you do really, really well and figure out how to do more of it — in more effective ways.
  14. Don’t eat steak with a spoon — Be deliberate to match your core strengths with the industry opportunity you are pursuing. Be comfortable changing nouns and verbs in order to be effective.
  15. You get what you pay for — Even though you have a buddy who offers to help you, you might be better served to hire experts to get you jump-started. Find someone with a proven track record who you feel comfortable working with.
  16. If you’re not all in you’re not in at all — Most business failures are the result of “trial balloon” expansion. If you’re going to take this seriously then you shouldn’t expect to get serious results.
  17. No one cares about you until you make them — Be memorable, charming, and interesting. Personal relationships matter in any business. Invest time in developing relationships that drive you closer to where you want to be.
  18. Every great plan demands a great leader (to work hard) — You have to be willing to work and lead at the same time. Progress comes from doing the hard things that others often avoid doing.
  19. You’re as awesome as you practice to be — Spend time in training. Role play your presentations. Have an agenda for meetings and calls. Think about what is “in it” for the other guy. Success is directly tied to how much you prepare ahead of time.

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