Why do pets Rule?

by Greg Markelz

RULE, control of or dominion over an area or people.

Are you one of the pet owners who have a pet who tries to rule the house?  Does your dog do anything at all that goes against what you want?

No matter what you do, your pet retains the magical quality of being like a child.  Studies have shown that an intelligent dog is near a 2.5-year old human’s intelligence level. So in our case our dog preserves a child-like energy in our household.  It’s like our kids never grew up and are still here.

Of course we think our boy is very smart.  He seems to learn quickly and react very smartly to our inputs.  And he can retain learned behavior (tricks) for months without doing them. So is he a very smart dog, or not?

He is extremely aware of everything that is going on around us when we walk in the woods, which seems like an intelligent life-preserving way to be. He will scan every angle and try to pick up any evidence of another creature present.  I always know when there will be a squirrel, rabbit, coyote or deer, well before I can see or hear it.  He has a healthy mistrust of another dog until he can read the demeanor of that dog. Again it seems like a very smart way to be.  Wondering where our dog Chipotle stands in the intelligence rating of dogs I found this article:

          Top Smartest dog breeds

He is a mixed breed but half his bloodline is represented by the number 9 and 10 smartest dogs. (Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog) So that confirms that he is definitely possessive of oe good intelligence genes.

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