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There’s no doubt that packaging is powerful. Packaging can make the difference between a sale or no sale, so it’s vitally important to get it right. Here are some great tips for finding the packaging that increases your chance of success.

1. Describe the message you want the packaging to say to the consumer using a technique called “fusion”. With fusion, the product, the package and a metaphorical symbol are combined to create a visual connection for the consumer.
2. Make the packaging provide more than one function. Packaging protects products and provides information. But what if the packaging can also be used as a tool?
3. Functional forms are a great way for your customer to interact with your product and packaging in a useful way, again finding more uses for your packaging then to just protect your product. This leads the way towards being more environmentally friendly and also supports the multi-use trend.
4. Mascot incorporation provides a way for your company’s spokesperson to play another role that some have been using for decades. By giving the younger generation a cartoon or character to relate to or get their attention you open the door for creating a need to get the next option. The kids will want to get the new toy and you get more brand recognition and loyalty from the next generation.
5. Product variation is the idea of creating and using packaging that indicates to the consumer if a product is spoiled or past its sell by date. By providing this information quickly, you eliminate the risk of someone becoming dissatisfied or even sick after consuming one of your products. It also prevents losing a first time consumer by putting a bad experience of your brand in their head.


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