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  1. Winners refuse to go through the motions on anything they’re doing right now that isn’t helping them get to where they want to be. When you realize something is a waste of time cut it off completely, immediately.
  2. Winners expect a lot from themselves and are careful to put only the best fuel into their bodies. Go home and throw in your trash can all the unhealthy, sugary food that makes you think slow and act sluggishly.
  3. Winners are determined to protect their focus and motivation at any cost. Tell the negative people and judgmental friends in your life that you just can’t spend any more time with them. They’re literally killing you.
  4. Winners live financially fit even when it doesn’t seem like they need to. Cut all extra expenses out of your budget. No more eating out, “treating” yourself, or spending money on anything other than getting to where you want to be.
  5. Winners are careful where they invest their emotions, their time, and their talents. Quit being involved in any committees, groups, or gatherings where you don’t feel like what you are doing is big enough to change the world.
  6. Winners go out of their way to give generously of their wealth and experience to those who need a helping hand. Give away your “rainy day” fund to a cause that deeply moves your soul. Keep giving even when it feels like a foolish decision.
  7. Winners refuse to hold grudges or to live with regrets. Take dramatic and consistent effort to rebuild the relationships you’ve allowed to fall apart.  Start with an apology. Continue with sincerity.
  8. Winners do meaningful work of their own choosing. Get belligerent about developing a successful career. Quit a lousy job. Fire a lousy boss. Move to a place where there’s more opportunity.
  9. Winners are consistent about feeding their creativity, even when there isn’t enough time for it.  Deliberately lose sleep each day and switch your priorities to gain extra time to devote to reading, learning, and practicing what makes you awesome.

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