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A Few Days Away – Learning to walk the Road to Recovery.

Serenity Prayer

Hi there y’all! This is Elixabeth, one of the hosts of this new podcast! Both Matt and I are looking forward to sharing this and much more with all of you.

This coming Sunday we will be posting our first episode of Learning to Walk: the Road to Recovery! I hope y’all are as excited as we are to get this podcast off the ground! In our first episode, Matt and I will be sharing our stories and will be talking about our journeys on the Road to Recovery. With a combined fifty-four years of recovery we will be opening up about our lives and the struggles and victories our experienced with addiction in all it’s forms as well and recovery from childhood trauma and everything else under the Recovery sun.

We are also looking for a few good people who are willing to share their stories about recovery from whatever ails you. There is nothing off limits here from recovery from addiction from drugs and anything else that has caused grief in their lives. If you would like to share your story please email us at


See you soon. With love and light filled blessings to you and yours. Join our Facebook group

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