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An attitude of love and gratitude has transformed this to be the best holiday season for me and it is because I decided to change how I look at November and December.

How about do you dread the holidays?  Some people look at all the activities as a burden with all the traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

All the time it takes to decorate for Thanksgiving and then do it all again for Christmas can add a lot of stress to people’s normal routine.

My attitude change started in September when I adopted a motto each morning during my quiet time. It went something like this “Please help me be of service to everyone I meet today in some way shape or form”.  While driving to work I would ask that everyone work together on the freeway so that each vehicle and their passengers can make it to their destination safely and let me patient and kind to all.

This was a very difficult task at first but it soon became my normal attitude while driving anywhere.

I also decided to adopt the same attitude at work by helping anyone with whatever task was asked of me no matter how dirty or tedious. Part of my job was to test and repair all of the Emergency Phones on campus working from a large list. I was tasked with making test calls, making sure the dial pad light was working and that the light on top flashed when an emergency call was made. I have to admit I had negative thoughts about why I had to do this stupid job but when I had those thoughts I chose to remind myself that the work I was doing may save someone’s life and that immediately changed my attitude from looking at what I was doing as a valuable service to everyone on campus.

This attitude of love has changed the way I do everything. Just the other day when I was out Christmas shopping there were people rushing around and blocking the aisles and others trying to get in line and to my surprise I just let them go before me and wish them a wonderful holiday.

Photo by poojaspaaak on Pixabay

While writing this article I realized it can be a very difficult time for many people who have lost a loved one or some may not be doing well financially and all they can see is loss and heartache.

I am sending you a big hug and lots of love. To those that are missing a loved one to try not to focus on the loss of that person not being here but focus instead on the good times you had with that person, the love that you shared and visualize those times in as much detail as possible. I used this technique when I miss my Mom and instead of feeling sad I feel grateful for have been blessed with such a loving mother.

Please leave a comment on some of the ways you make this holiday season the best!

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.


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