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On the last episode of Exploring the Eighth House, the topic of grief was spoken about, the process and how it affects us a whole. Because, at some points in our lives, we will be faced with grief which is difficult for everyone to process. I interviewed Dr. Mekel Harris, who is a licensed psychologist and nationally certified health service provider, Associate Professor, community advocate, volunteer, and mentor in Los Angeles, California.

In her professional work, Dr. Harris focuses on health and wellness and has a particular interest in providing therapy, consultation, and training in the area of grief and loss. Within the past 5 years, Dr. Harris has presented at several national and international conferences, focused on sharing her expertise in grief and loss, including end-of-life care with children diagnosed with life-limiting conditions. Most recently, she traveled to Spain for international conference presentation, and in May 2016, she will travel to Argentina to discuss targeted grief intervention for children and families. Personally, Dr. Harris experienced the death of her own mother in December 2012 and has made it her mission to share her grief journey and encourage others traveling this unique path. She is finalizing a memoir, Relaxing Into the Pain: My Journey into Grief and Beyond, where she will share the emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges associated with the grieving process. Listen to the podcast below.

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