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from mmagallan, stock.xchng

from mmagallan, stock.xchng

On the last episode of Getting Social with Miriam, I covered the ugly fact about your privacy online. Yup, that is right- everything you save on platforms like Dropbox or Evernote is not as safe as you think. Your data is not as secure as you may believe. I spoke to Janine Darling, the CEO of Stash America about the truth about how “safe” your content and data is online.

Janine and I talked about topics covering identity theft and online shopping. The truth about how often identity theft happens is not a pleasant one to know, but it is definitely important to be aware of.

We spoke about the reality of hackers, and why it is important to save your passwords every few months. We spoke about the real reason it is important to have a variety of characters in your passwords. Janine and I also covered the reality of what happens if you share something inappropriate on social media that you end up deleting after. The truth about your online privacy was completely covered, and I have to say it is quite unsettling. However, everyone needs to be aware about the safety of their content and data. Please listen to the podcast, it is for your own good!

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