This is my 9th Blog post and It is time to get real!

Here is a real story of an Animal Rescue experience. Thanks to Robin Carroll and Tom Van Winkle of the Hinsdale Humane Society for submitting this story:

A Mother’s Love

This is the story of Shadow and her baby girl Tippy. They were living in the rural south and were out exploring one day when Tippy (only 6-weeks old at the time) got wrapped up and stuck in landscape netting. She could not move and Shadow could not free her on her own.

Shadow instinctively understood the pain and danger her pup was in and ran to find help. She found a man nearby doing spring clean up and barked at him until he followed her. Shadow led the man all the way back to where Tippy was stuck.

Happily, Tippy was freed by the man, but unfortunately, one of her legs was too badly damaged to save and had to be amputated. Her remaining hind leg was left slightly bowed due to blood loss during the trauma.

Shadow, a true hero dog, not only made sure her puppy was rescued, but she went on to support Tippy throughout her journey to recovery. Understandably, they became very attached to one another and our staff worked hard to get them adoption placement together.

After a number of weeks with us, lots of enrichment, playtime and healing, they went on to find a wonderful family who was committed to adopting them together. Here’s to happily ever after for Shadow, Tippy and their new family.

Thanks Robin, and Thanks to all past and future adopters of rescued animals, we need you!

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