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Are you working to just pay the bills or are you working in a career you Love?

Do you love your job or are you someone who is always looking forward to the weekend?

I run into people every day at different businesses and offices and found that most people I meet don’t really like their current job.

Did you know a Gallup Poll in 2017 revealed that 85 percent of the people worldwide hate their job?

Why do so many people hate their job, below are a few of the reasons?

  • They have been doing the same work for years and it has become routine. Their job is not challenging them anymore
  • They are working more hours than when they started.
  • They are often verbally abused by others but think it is ok because it is their boss.
  • They had unrealistic expectations of what their work-life would be like.
  • Their Employers are not providing opportunities for growth.

So how do shift your focus from dreading going to work each day to instead love what you do?

7 Things You Can Do to Have the Career you want.

  1. Focus each day on what is good about your job. Watch this video as Zig Ziglar helps a woman learn to like her job again. I really hate my job.
  2. Review your companies job openings.
  3. Ask yourself the following question “If I could do any type of work what type of work would I do”? Write down your answers.
  4. Consider starting your own business doing something you love to do.
  5. Update your resume and look for work in other fields you are interested in.
  6. Volunteer for organizations that inspire you.
  7. Take night classes to learn the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Now that you have some tools to change your career take action by following each step and you will either develop yourself to be able to find a job you love to have your own business and be your own boss.


Let your heart guide you to a fulfilling career and don’t compromise, stay true to what you want.

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