Do you like it when school starts in the fall?

I do, I still remember when summer ended and I went back to school. My mom would buy me new clothes and shoes and the first day back in school everybody wanted to know what you did for summer vacation.

I am now fifty-seven years young and I am currently working at Cal Poly Unversity in San Luis Obispo, CA and school will be starting this week and there is excitement in the air. There are a lot of new freshman students that are away from home for the first time in their lives.

When I asked second-year students at the college where I work what the hardest thing they faced their first year of school? “They had to be responsible for themselves, they had to learn how to manage all their stuff and make their own decisions.”

Many of my co-workers don’t like it when school starts because it is kind of hard to get around on campus for us to do our work but when you really think about it is the students that are the lifeblood of the college. If there were no students there would be no money to ay the employees.

Six things I recommend you share with your kids when they are attending a new school.

  1. Get a map of the school before school starts so your child can find their classes more easily.
  2. Encourage them to join a club for a subject or hobby they are interested in, it will make it easier to make new friends.
  3. Help them organize their binders for each subject with pockets for homework.
  4. Make sure your kids are aware that you care about they feel about school and invite them to talk to you about anything that may become a problem with their teachers, other students, or their grades.
  5. Encourage them to be themselves, that they have uniques gifts that were divinely given to them and not to compare themselves to other kids.
  6. Find out what your kids are passionate about and encourage them to pursue their passion even at the risk of being made fun of.



By following these six tips your child can create some of the most memorable times in their lives that they will cherish forever.


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