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Live Broadcast on May 25, 2021 at 3:30 PST!

Our Toastee is Frances Esters, Office Manager, Central Coast Medical Aesthetics

The BEST Coast Business Toast (BCBT) series pairs two co‐stars who are uniquely connected to their communities , Mr. Reilly and Ms. Turnquist, in 30‐50 minute episodes featuring one‐of‐a‐kind interviews with business owners and other influencers of Central California. Guests on BCBT are either:

A. Killing it in this crazy Pandemic‐Economy;

B. Doing great things in the community, lifting up businesses and people in need in these difficult times;

C. Struggling and in need of some helping hands to get through a difficult time; or

D. Some combination of A, B and/or C!

Chamber Corner Guest – in which Mr. Reilly and Ms. Turnquist are visited by Jocelyn Brennan, CEO South County Chambers of Commerce, who will answer questions about current events in the Chamber, present issues faced by the local business community, and the strategic ways in which the Chamber and its various committees are addressing these hot‐button topics.

Call in at 323-580-5755 to ask questions

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