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Celebrating the Fourth of July with friends and family is something I always look forward to every year and this year was one of the best.

We have been meeting at a local park for the last five years where we can picnic, play games and watch the evening fireworks show. Previous years we would go to the beach but we didn’t feel safe due to the people around us lighting and throwing their fireworks near us.

Dinosaur Park is a great location for the fourth of July because you get to see many of the houses adjacent to the park all decked out in red white and blue and one house is set up for the police to stop by and enjoy some food.

My day started with fulfilling our list of things to bring, get everything loaded in the truck, cook the corn and be at the park by 3 pm. It only took me about an hour to load the truck because our garage is packed to the gills with so much stuff but that is a topic I will save for another time. We brought tables, chairs, our grill and an array of chairs, corn on the cob and cowboy beans.

We arrived at the park at 3:15 pm surprised to find that we were the first ones there. We unpacked the entire truck and we were all set up before anyone else arrived and I could not believe how organized we were this year. Everyone soon arrived and immediately everyone engaged in the festivities. We had a group of four people who were playing a game, others catching up and meeting new friends.

I was focused on helping cook the food. My role was usually to set up the barbeque and leave the cooking to someone else but I really enjoyed being more involved in cooking this year but my favorite thing that day was playing with my two-year-old granddaughter Anaya.

She is so expressive and is already speaking in sentences. She would say things like “Gippa I get to wear my panda hat and gloves.”  But was most adorable was when she was looking down you couldn’t see her face all you could see was the pandas face. I also loved the way she teased me when I tried to take her picture she would turn and run away and say come over here Gippa pose for the picture but when I would attempt to take the picture she would run away.

Anaya in Panda hat


We had a total of 11 people attending our little celebration, the fireworks show was really good and Anaya commented on each one. The fireworks show ended by 9:30 and we were home before 10:30 pm.

We ended our Fourth of July celebration with watching the movie Independence Day Resurgence.

Please leave me a comment with one of your favorite Fourth of July memories.





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