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classactlogojimI am delighted to announce ClassAct, a training/mentoring program for young professionals. It is being launched in May 2015 by co-founders Jim Vaselopulos, a senior-level executive with a proven record as a rainmaker and new business development expert, and Lillian Bjorseth, a nationally known networking and communication skills authority.

We believe that the Millennial generation is poised to make outstanding contributions in our world. Millennials are intelligent, driven and incredibly tech savvy. The world is already a better place because of the contributions of Millenials.

At the same time, however, Millennials as a generation are very misunderstood. They have been labeled lazy, entitled and idealistic. In many ways the responsibility for this misunderstanding rests upon both the older generations in leadership positions and the younger generations driving new workplace behaviors and attitudes.

For many Millennials, one way to circumvent this misunderstanding is to go straight into an entrepreneurial environment. Startups don’t have any baggage. You can be the boss in a startup. Startups can operate with “new rules.”

And while this has worked well for some, it does not work well for most. Most startups never reach their potential. Many startups fail. Startups still need capital and most capital still resides in organizations run by non-Millennials. Startups still need to work with existing channels. Startups still need to sell to organizations that are not all operating with “new rules”. It is impossible to escape into a purely “new” world.

Additionally, most jobs and opportunities lie within organizations that are not startups — organizations with a wide variety of employees and a greater diversity of ideas and experiences than ever before.

Our goal at ClassAct is to help the next generation of leaders develop in a way that helps them thrive in these diverse environments.
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