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Community Voice Updates.  As promised, the new calendar is up and running. You can add events by accessing the “M.E. Calendar” menu item in the left column of the WordPress interface. Everyone should be able to add an event. Please follow the color coding: Training events are red, Radio shows are yellow, Networking events are blue, Webinars are orange and Conferences are green.  Please feel free to add your events into the calendar.

TRAINING:The next Community Voice training and status update meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th at 6:00p Central time.  We will cover topics on WordPress, Community Voice program, best SEO practices, ensuring you add a Featured Image to your post, upcoming events, system updates and group therapy on your writing. Please attend so you can meet other Community Voices.

Also, in May, the User Discussion Forums were added to the menu. Please create topics under the appropriate Category for your blog posts and engage readers for further discussion. If new categories need to be created, please let me know and I will get them created.

The next feature we are testing is a business listing system. The two we are testing are called The Latest LLN Business for Sale Listings and the LLN Business Network Members. Look at the footer widget on the bottom of the front page of the site to see both. Please give feedback. Remember this is just the 1st pass at adding the new functionality.

Our radio network is really rocking! We had over 2000 listens last week.  I am in the process of scheduling a training for the radio show hosts to improve their visibility. I am accepting applications for new radio shows. Pricing is dependent on how much external assistance is needed.

We’ve added 3 new LinkedIn groups to our distribution and fixed an issue with the Linked Local Northwest Indiana Facebook group. More groups and Twitter accounts will be added this month increasing our audience. If you have a group or social media profile you would like to have added to the distribution list please contact me.


We’ve scheduled the 1st big Chicago evening event of 2019, titled Out of the Digital World into the Real World. The event will be held on July 9th, 2019 from 5:30p to 7:30p CDT at Braconi’s Restaurant. Greg Markelz is coordinating the event in Chicago.

THANK YOU to Greg for being willing to handle this event.  If we ask Greg nicely he may be willing to play the new song he is working on. We are looking for sponsors so if you know any companies that would like some exposure please send them my way.

Please give feedback on the menu changes. I’m still working on the best menu arrangement.

If you know of someone who make a great Community Voice please have them submit this form

NOTE: When you publish your post and you don’t see it on the front page of the site, CHECK the categories you selected and make sure you select the AUTHOR category.

When adding images please ensure you have the rights to the image. Two websites that you can download free images are and

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Fred McMurray

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