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COVID, and EIDL and Labor Shortage – Oh My! 

How are these things affecting your financials?

Broadcast Date: October 28th, 2021

Broadcast Time : 5:00p EST / 4:00p CST / 3:00p MST /2:00p PST

Ron Feldman of Apple Pie Capital appears this week to answer common questions related to folks wanting to open multiple units before proving their operational competence, the COVID-19 impact on operations and how if affects future capital access issues, the effect of EIDL loans on the balance sheet long term, and how the labor shortage & inflation are impacting current franchise operations. This is a meat show full of tangible and valuable information to help you in your business.

David Kagjanich and Jerry Akers bring their expertise as usual to help you navigate leadership and business management. They join host Ray Pillar, Owner of Molly Maid Aurora-Naperville and co-host Kristin Selmeczy, Chief Business Warrior of Pillars of Franchising as they discuss how to be successful at finding a franchise, identifying funding solutions, the purchasing process, developing marketing strategies and expanding and selling your franchise.

On the Million Dollar Mentor Segment this week Kristin Selmeczy will give another million dollar mentor tip that has driven success.

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