Deeply Inspired by…our pets?

by Greg Markelz

Inspired, my favorite definition: to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration.

For the millions of us that won’t live without a pet by our side, our pets DO inspire us, influence us and guide us in ways we do not always notice. For me, I always knew it was cool to have our dogs, from Smokey the ChowChow, Chien the Akita, Dakota the Keeshond, to Chipotle our current companion (awesome mix of Australian Cattle Dog, Chow Chow, Rottweiler, English Springer Spaniel and Shar Pei), all these dogs inspired our family to love, play, care for, train, nurture, feed, and entertain.

From the moment we leave the house until the moment we return home, they anticipate our arrival.  There is nothing else like the excitement they display when we open that door and they can see we are back. I would call it crazy love. When you experience this, or any deeply moving moment daily, it tends to lessen the impact over time.  But sometimes, lurking deep within our souls, the inspiration is brewing and just waiting for the volcano to erupt.

Knowing that there are millions of animals in shelters just waiting to be able to perform their supernatural magic act for a human inspires me to try to help.

The original Song “My Second Chance” about the journey of Chipotle , his close call with death, and his two rescues before he found his forever home was the result of just this kind of inspiration.

It now appears that the Campaign for the benefit of Animal Rescue Organizations will begin this month, after a long investigation into how to best utilize his story to help others.  We cannot wait to roll it out to the world.  I hope the world is ready to help!


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