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I just want to say that writing an article while on a moving train is quite an adventure. I ride the train maybe once a year from my far west suburban community into Chicago, for business.

As I sat in my seat on the pleasantly warm train waiting for it to depart, it occurred to me just how much trust I had to have today in order to relax and enjoy the journey. Trust meaning, “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.”

What I have needed to trust so far today is: that my car would start, that other drivers on the road were alert and prioritizing safety. I needed to trust that the train I’m on would be safe to ride and the engineer was reliable and sober.

I had to trust that my fellow passengers wouldn’t make eyes on my iPhone or laptop. But not so much trust that I let my guard down. It’s unfortunate that I need to balance trust with a responsible level of mistrust. Unfortunate, but in today’s world its the reality.

The things I have yet to trust are the cab driver who will take me from the train station to the location of my meeting. I have to trust that the restaurant I’ll be meeting my colleagues at will serve me food that is safe to eat.

The list goes on but the point I’m hoping to make is how many people in this world declare that they have trust issues and yet, trust is a fundamental part of our day.

It may be disguised at taking things for granted or assuming things will work out. In actuality it is trust that allows us to explore and enjoy our world with a sense of wonder and curiosity instead of fear and suspicion.

Take a minute to reflect upon the people, places and things you must trust in order to attend fully to the things you prioritize each day.

Take another minute to consider the things you must do and say in order to earn and keep the trust of others.

The most important trust I must possess, however, is the trust I place in myself. I trust that whatever this day brings, that I can handle it, manage it, and ultimately learn from it.

We’re all in this together.

Thanks for being you.

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