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Last month presented at a conference with the help of a whiteboard presentation created using Doceri. Doceri is an app that allows you to create whiteboard presentations using an iPad (coming soon for tablets with Windows 8 operating systems). It was created for teachers, is relatively easy to use, and is a great tool for use in the classroom. Today I am sharing two different Doceri presentations I have created. First is a quick tutorial to help you to get start creating your own Doceri’s and the second is my interpretation of a recently written AIMS third grade fraction activity.

I hope that helped, and that you are eager to download the app and get started on your own presentations.(Doceri website) Here is my Doceri presentation on an AIMS activity.

(Fraction Fold Up)

I have found Doceri’s website and YouTube videos on Doceri to be helpful. Please share and let me know what you do with Doceri. Comment on this blog post, and have fun getting started. Do you Doceri?

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