gratitude facebook

Whenever someone buys you or your pet a nice gift, or has you and your family over for a nice meal, the thing to always do is to thank that individual for being so thoughtful. In the old days, a phone call or a thank you note were ways to show gratitude towards someone’s generosity. However, since social media is coming prevalent in the lives of the majority of people- the common way to say “thanks” is by utilizing Facebook.

What people are doing in order to express gratitude to someone who did something nice for them is by doing the following on Facebook-

Taking a picture of a gift from that individual and posting it on Facebook, while tagging that person and thanking him or her.

If the gift is for the child or pet, the picture is taken of the child or pet and posted on Facebook. Same process as listed above happens with that photo.

If someone invited a friend for a nice meal, or took him or her out for a meal- a picture of that meal will be taken and posted online. Again, same process as mentioned above happens. The tagging and giving thanks to the generous one on Facebook.

If someone was upset and his or her friend offered support, then you may end up seeing status updates on Facebook like – “I want to thank My Friend (name inserted and tagged) for being an awesome friend. I am grateful he or she was there for me last night.” The examples are endless.

In other words, a simple phone call or a physical thank you note are not used nearly as frequently to express gratitude. Facebook and other social media platforms are the replacement, and will continue to be.

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