The Federal Sales Sherpa Show, featuring Eileen Kent, will be focusing on “Ethically Stalking Federal Customers” with American Small Business Coalition Co-Founder Guy Timberlake on Tuesday at 5pm CDT March 25. LINK

Guy states, “If you were the captain of a ship and you had an entire crew ready to shove  off, which way would you set your sails? Then how could you embark upon the federal marketplace without a direction?”

Eileen agrees, “You can’t do it without a map – that’s for sure!”

Guy and Eileen, the Federal Sales Sherpa, discuss the tools available to perform a market analysis.

There is nothing better out there – than federal contract data – to show you what your competitors are up to and who they are selling to. “But,” says Guy Timberlake, “You need to learn how to ask the right questions. The only way you can ask the right questions is to get guidance from others who have traveled in this marketplace.”

In this week’s show, Kent and Timberlake deep dive into the data and talk about how you need to know where your competitors are winning contracts, and to develop great relationships with the customers to position yourself to win federal contracts.

If you need one on one assistance with federal contracting market analysis, or what Guy calls “Ethical Stalking” and Eileen calls a “Competitive Analysis,” call Eileen Kent, Federal Sales Sherpa at 312-636-5381. To hear more Federal Sales Sherpa shows, stay tuned to Linked Local Network or visit

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