Everyone has their own unique set of skills and abilities, and individual experience to offer employers. Your talents are YOUR talents. This means the combination of your abilities to perform a task are unique unto you. No one else has those same combinations. Somewhere there is a job just waiting for your mix of uniqueness.

If you can work with spreadsheets to analyze information and present it meaningfully, that’s a skill a lot of people have. But if you couple that skill with the list of other skills you possess, the totality of that skill group is unique to you. No one else has that same unique mix of skill, abilities, and talents. That’s something to celebrate.

The key to celebrating your uniqueness is to engage in a targeted and a focused job search. But how do you do that? Start with a personal inventory. Discover what your unique talents are then package them into your unique personal brand, which includes your focused resume and cover letter.

As you execute your job search, instead of throwing a wide net to see what you can catch, be specific in your search. Research industries and positions to narrow the search choices and then target companies that feel like a good fit with your skills and values.

Use your in-person and online network to get your unique message out to others. Ask for advice or opinions instead of asking for help, those conversations will spark ideas and opportunities. Make sure your online identity is aligned with the message you are sending to employers and your contacts. The more you work to grow an informed network, the faster you’ll find the right job.

Shine On Job Seekers!

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