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I was surprised when I heard about Pope Francis’ motorcycle; he owned a Harley-Davidson “hog” and auctioned it for charity. The bike was only worth about $16K but a mystery buyer paid $327K.

I think it’s good the Pope got rid of his bike because cruising past the Coliseum on two wheels doesn’t sound very papal-like.

That pointy hat can’t be terribly aerodynamic and his flowing robes could be dangerous if he didn’t hike them up.

And if he went commando, one can only imagine the horrific images that would be forever seared into our brains by the paparazzi.

When I think about the Pope and his “hog”, my fractured cliché just doesn’t seem so fractured any more.

Correct Cliché: Pig in a poke

Fractured Cliché: The pig and the Pope

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


The Pig and the Pope

The Pig and the Pope

(Credits: Pope photo from Pig photo from

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