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Fractured Cliché:  You are the weakest leak

Correct Cliché:  You are the weakest link

I can’t think of a time when it’s good to be the weakest link, but I think that being the weakest leak can be either positive or negative.

Wikileaks, for example, only wants to talk to strong leaks.  Whereas my friends often confide in me because I’m a weak leak (i.e., I will not leak confidential information).

As you get older, you hope for the weakest leak, especially when you laugh or sneeze.

I recently discovered a leak in our house.  I heard a noise that I thought was dripping water.  Besides a dripping sound, there was a crackling sound. Worse than that, the noise was coming out of one of the electrical outlets. Worse yet, when I touched it, it was hot.

Fortunately nothing happened and the house is still standing.  It turns out the leak was caused by Stephen overwatering plants on the floor above.

I’m happy to say we successfully eliminated the weakest links and leaks!

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


Water water everywhere

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