Do you have times of fun and games with family?

Do you get to see your adult kids and grandchildren regularly?

Do you have traditions like a family game night or a or a weekly time you spend with family?

I have to say I feel really blessed to have my son living only 30 minutes from and that I have the privilege to see my two granddaughters a minimum of once a week and sometimes twice a week when we have the privilege of babysitting. One of my granddaughters Anaya is 3 years old and the other Adeline is almost 8 months old and it is fascinating to watch how the older child treats her little sister because she is jealous of the baby getting all the attention.

In her mind, it isn’t fair that “little sister gets more attention than me” without any consideration that her little sister can’t do things on her own yet and therefore she will sometimes imitate her little sister just to get the attention of the adults. The best part of seeing the grandkids each week is that as soon as we arrive we are greeted with a hardy Nanny and Geepa are here and those words are music to my ears.

I started a new tradition last week where I got down on the floor at began looking through the Anaya’s toy box for my favorite toy which is a cowboy on a horse that when you put it on the floor and push it forward it winds the toy up so when you let go of it the cowboy moves up and down like he is really riding a horse and it goes pretty far on one push and the next thing you know Anaya picks up the toy and says to me Geepa you have to crawl with me and race to see who gets to the toy first. I tried crawling on my hands and knees but that was too painful on my knees so I do more like a downward dog Yoga pose crawl and race for the toy and sometimes I win and sometimes Anaya wins but for her it is all about spending time playing with her.

One of the other games we play weekly is a game called frustration, it is a card game that consists of seven hands and each hand you have to get three of a kind, four of a kind and runs which are cards with the same suit and in numerical order but the best part is just being a part of their lives. The time I get to spend with everyone is priceless.

Think about ways this week you can spend time with your family and start new traditions for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Please share with me some traditions you have and some new ones you would like to create.


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