Liquiglide coating is a product created by researchers at MIT’s Varanasi Research Group. This new product uses an advanced structured liquid that is like a solid but lubricated like a liquid. The end result is a substance that can coat the inside of any container and make it nonstick. The applications for this technology are literally endless, from food to manufacturing applying this coating will help create less waste and less mess. You can now get that last drop of ketchup out of the bottle, or glue, or paint because nothing will stick to the surface to which the product has been applied. It has far reaching goals than consumer products with ideas such as coating power lines to prevent ice buildup, or to processing lines reducing the chance of clogs and increasing efficiency due to less clean up time. I think that this product will revolutionize many industries and have a very positive effect on the status quo.

Toothpaste in Squeeze Bottle w/ LiquiGlide Coating from LiquiGlide on Vimeo.


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